Take One Picture 2009


At the end of October the whole school took part in Take One Picture week. This is a project run by the National Gallery. Each year the Gallery focuses on one painting from the collection to inspire cross-curricular work in primary classrooms. This year the chosen painting was ‘The Umbrellas’ by Renoir. All the teachers participated in a staff meeting to discuss and plan how the painting could be used creatively. On the Monday we introduced the painting to the children in whole school assembly and everyone in the school wore the colour blue. For the rest of the week all the classes did some work based on the painting. We used it across many subject areas: literacy, art, dance and even a French lesson! Click on the pictures below to enlarge.

Blue Monday
Where's Wally?   Renoir - Les Parapluies


Room 1 Nursery Room 6 Year 4
Room 2 Reception Room 7 Year 5
Room 3 Year 1 Room 8 Year 6
Room 4 Year 2 Room 9 Art Club
Room 5 Year 3 Room 10 Creative Homework


Art Gallery - Room 1
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Nursery did some blue spray painting outside. The children also made some of the people in the painting using clay.




Art Gallery - Room 2
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Reception did lots of different work based on The Umbrellas. They made some clay figures that are holding umbrellas, just like the people in the painting. They went on a ‘blue’ hunt and took photos of all the blue things they could find. They created some fantastic blue paintings and collages. Some children in reception dressed up as the people in the painting and they re-created the poses. Reception also experimented with different types of materials to test if they were waterproof.






Art Gallery - Room 3
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Year 1 spent time during play sessions making some of the objects in the picture. They made papier mache umbrellas as well as umbrella collages. They also created some beautiful hats out of newspaper. During literacy lessons, year 1 children looked at the painting in detail and wrote descriptions of it. They also dressed up and posed as the people in the picture.






Art Gallery - Room 4
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Year 2 had lots of fun dressing up as the people in The Umbrellas. They posed for photographs and also made up their own dances in a PE lesson to Singing in the Rain. The children then used the photos taken from the role play to draw portraits. They used their knowledge of line and tone to help them.






Art Gallery - Room 5
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Year 3 used the painting in four different subject areas. They wrote rain poems in literacy in the shape of raindrops. They also made huge umbrella collages by tearing up different shades of blue paper. In music, the year 3 children thought about the man in the painting and created some music to go with him. In French lessons the children thought about the type of fruit that might be in the basket and used pastels to draw them. They then learnt the names of the fruit in French. During a history lesson about the Celts, the children created their own Celtic version of the painting. It is definitely a lot scarier!






Art Gallery - Room 6
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Year 4 looked at the painting and decided to focus on the colour blue. They mixed different shades of blue in an art lesson and painted their own blue pictures. They also wrote blue inspired poems in literacy lessons.




Art Gallery - Room 7
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Year 5 used ‘The Umbrellas’ as inspiration for Big Writing. They started by doing role play and then wrote their own stories based on the painting. They also made some fantastic 3d versions in their art lesson. They layered the picture to make it stand out.





Art Gallery - Room 8
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Year 6 had a whole art day related to ‘The Umbrellas’. They recreated the picture using paints. Some children did modern day versions of the painting whilst other children decided to focus on one particular colour.






Art Gallery - Room 9
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Art Club spent a couple of weeks making clay tiles based on the painting. They layered the clay and then when it was dry painted over it.






Art Gallery - Room 10
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Key Stage 2 children were set a creative homework based on ‘The Umbrellas’. They were able to create anything related to the picture. These are some of the winners.







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